Meet Me

I remember the first time I took a photo. I was 4-years old. I used my parent's Kodak camera. It was the type of camera that you could add this little flashcube on the camera for artificial light. I was so excited when the film was developed and I could see and hold the photo that I took! Ever since then I was the family photographer. One of my favorite things to do when I was growing up was to look at old family photos. I love when you can look at a photo and feel the emotion...when that feeling is captured in an image. One of my goals is to capture your beautiful story in a way that feels like a beautiful handwritten love note.

Hello, I'm Patty

I live in gorgeous Southern Utah. I'm a mama to the sweetest souls that stole my heart, a wife to the most amazing man, an advocate for peaceful parenting & unschooling, I love plant-based food, tacos, fresh juice & smoothies! I've had a camera in hand since I was 4-years old. At the heart of things, I'm like you...a dreamer, an action taker, a passionate soul, a taco lover, haha! I mean, tacos, chips & salsa, am I right?! I can't wait to create something amazing with you!

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