"I always wanted you. Even when I didn't know what I wanted. Even before I knew you. It was you. You were the chapter I didn't know the words to, but always knew it existed. And when I finally found it and began to read, I knew I was home."

- Jm Storm

Professional Prints

I've always been in love with photographs. Now a days almost all images seem to be digital. The thing is how many of us get to enjoy our photos when they're somewhere in la la land on our computer? There's truly something special about having a photo you can hold in your hands. Like handwritten love notes, there's nothing quite like feeling the paper in your hands, looking at the ink on the paper and reading the message. Like actual photos, handwritten notes seem to be a thing of the past. Almost like a forgotten art, a relic of the past. I feel that photographs and handwritten love notes go hand in hand...a thing of beauty, a thing to be felt dearly, something to hold. This is why with every full 1 hour photo session I include (5) professional 5x7 prints. Photo galleries are gorgeous and they are a part of where we are in terms of our technology. But I want you to experience something more with your images. You are welcomed to order additional prints, gallery prints for your walls, photo books, including lay flat photo books, greeting photo cards, etc. Upon receiving your beautiful professional prints, photo books or whatever your heart desires, you will receive a gorgeous package just for you...the contents, priceless!